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What massage should I choose?

Relaxing massage

- Soft  to medium pressure

- Stress and anxiety relief

- Tightness 

- Improving circulation

- Improving immune function

Stretchings session

and Traditional Thai Massage

- Non-oil massage performed on a futon

- Client is wearing comfortable clothes all the time

- Includes pressure and stretchings

- Alternative therapy for stress, tightness, sore muscles

Sport massage

- Medium to deep pressure

- Might include stretchings

- For athletes and non-athletes

- Improving circulation and flexibility

- Helps with soreness and tightness after physical activity

- Stress relief

Combined massage

- Long session including most of the previous techniques

- Stress, tightness, discomfort, pain.

Clinical massage

- For specific physical conditions causing pain or discomfort

- Pressure adapted to the client's needs

- Include different techniques to treat different soft tissues layers, such as muscle, fascia, tendons and nerves. 

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